Car rental

CamperFlow of using rental car

We will show you how to use car rental for the first time and people who use the rental for the first time. It can be used with confidence for the first time by being able to check the usage method in advance. I will introduce the reservation method and procedure at the time of departure / return in step by step.

Step 1
Choose a car to reserve

Rentacar select

Camper office rental lineup

Let's choose the car you want to use!

Price list

Enrich discount to be cheaper if borrowed long!

 Loan the day beforeReturn on the day (12 hours)1 day
Weekend (Friday, Sunday and public holidays)8,000円17,000円21,000円
 WeekdayWeekend (Friday, Sunday and public holidays)
Loan the day before8,000円8,000円
Return on the day (12 hours)13,000円17,000円
1 day17,000円21,000円

※ Departure time early in the morning, people departed in the evening etc, earned by lending the day before! !
 Lease time:16:00~18:00の間
※Extra charge (1 hour) 2,000円

Dispatch service

We have rent-a-car to the place that is suitable for the customer's convenience, such as airport, station, home.

■ Nearest Airport
■ Nearest station
■ Nearest house
Delivery placePrice
Nishitetsu Yanagawa stationfree
JRChikugo Funa Station3,000円
Saga airport4,000円
Fukuoka Airport7,000円

※ Reservation required one week in advance. Also, returning vehicles is definitely a lending store return.
※ JR Chikugo Funabashi station and Saga airport will be handed over only by bank transfers

※ About reservation money

When applying, we will deposit the deposit. Reservation fee will be uniform 5,000 yen. After booking is confirmed, payment should be made within 5 days after transfer or bring your own shipping fee.

Step 2
Check the schedule

Let's check the calendar of the selected car!

check calendar

Booking calendar

Let's check the reservation situation of the selected car!

Step 3
Let's send a reservation email

Confirm the terms and send a reservation email according to the format!

send email


Be sure to check the terms and conditions here!

Reservation email content

Please copy this content and send me an email.

  • ・name
  • ・phone number
  • ・mail address
  • ・Street address
  • ・The type of car you want to reserve
  • ・Rental plan (○ night ○ day)
  • ・Child seat rental availability
  • ・Major destinations
  • ・Presence or absence of dispatch service
  • ・Other messages
send email

Step 4
I will send you a reply mail from T-Plan

After confirming the mail, please pay the reservation money from PayPal.

send email & paypal


Payment of reservation money from here


Step 5

Thank you! We will be waiting for you on the day.

have a nice trip

Let's make it with fun memories with a camper now!
Good Luck!